I have the privilege of working with extraordinary individuals during great times of change in their lives, all of them are dedicated to working towards bringing their most positive selves into their life’s.

And when working with them on healing through colour and kaleidoscope light, they remember those forgotten aspects of themselves that quicken and reawaken who they are. This is pure magic, because they see this for themselves during each soul healing journey with me.

I get to grow with them, deepening loves connection with the Creator and often find the healing follows just  as they do. Their lives journey and commitment to self inspire’s me to continue doing my best as well as to highlight the many healing experiences.

This process works wonders, what some clients had to say:

I believe that Lara’s scientific skill is one that is much needed in today’s society.  Not only can she assist in the healing process, but her  treatments and kaleidoscopes balances right and left brain.

Meaning a lessened stress level, higher creativity and more focus in the chaotic world we live in. I recommend her services to anyone with an open mind and open heart.  – Lu Chase” 

 Absolutelly!!  The Crystal Light is the most profound  experience I think I’ve ever had! And the wisdom of Lara goes hand in hand with it making it really powerfully healing stuff!!!  No fluffy stuff here! ♥ – Lauren Amy Hoffmeyer

Swam in Liquid Light in.  Lara’s kaleidoscope healing session …grab her CT before she  leaves to live upcountry – David Tomsu! X

I attended a kaleidoscopic crystal healing session in a group, organized by a wonderful healer Chetna (Divine Healing), and conducted by Lara.

I had never heard of nor experienced kaleidoscopic healing before, and went with an open mind. To say that it was a beautiful, and great experience would be putting it mildly. The divine beauty and energy of the colors and shapes held me transfixed in a peaceful yet strangely energizing way. I experienced a sense of oneness, of love and awe. The scented spray showers also imparted a feeling of joy and comfort.

The healing energies did not end there, and in the next couple of days and nights, I could feel my body processing and accepting the healing, by the heaviness/tiredness in the body, some slight physical and/emotional discomfort (which soon disappeared). It was all the more remarkable for not expecting the depth of energy impact as this was almost subtle healing and not immediately obvious during the session. 

Each of us will experience this differently or some similarities, due to our own energy make-up or blocks. As it was a short session (abt 30-45 mins), I can only imagine the impact (consciously or subconsciously) it could have for the full 2 – 2 and half hour session it actually is for. 

It would be a pleasure to partake in kaleidoscopic crystal healing again!  

I am grateful and blessed to Lara and Chetna for the opportunity to have experienced a stunningly different, yet gentle form of healing. – Arlene Govender