What is Meditation? 

“We meditate to experience heightened awareness and restful alertness, not to tune out, but to tune in, not to get away from it all, but to get in touch with them all. Not to experience drowsiness but an inner wakefulness, an inner knowingness, giving us a sense of control over the processes of our inner body, as well as over our life experiences. In the silence of meditation is not just relaxation, but alertness, serenity, freshness, flexibility, and creativity. There are aliveness, renewal and boundless energy. Within this experience of pure consciousness, there is no experience of the past. Pure consciousness is where the awareness remains pure, full of energy, full of clarity and in this clarity, lies the mechanism for Quantum healing.”

 – Deepak Chopra –

The effects of meditation

As each experience is different, I cannot outline exactly what we will be experienced.

Each event is guided and directed to those who participate.

You can book for both or just for the one

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