These circular seed images are known as mandalas. This Sanskrit word means “mystic circle”, simultaneously representative of sound, light, colour, form, rhythm, and harmony. Think of the rose window in the Chartreuse Cathedral in France. In Tibet, the colourful sand mandala’s, hand painted tankas, the Native American mandala’s of healing or their medicine wheel.

How we begin to understand the message in kaleidoscopic Light!

Do you recognize the significance of light in your life? Are you aware that you are a unique being of light, and just as each kaleidoscope pattern never repeats and always changes its pattern, so do you? We are seekers of the light because it’s in the light that we experience beauty. Exploring our consciousness through forming habits and rituals based on our own perceived realities and belief system, searching and seeking out avenues to give the expression for what propels us forward and continues the cycles of never-ending patterns. Lifetimes, situations, experiences, memories and longings drive us forward. We are now at a point in our lives where we are ready to be accountable. One of our true purposes in this lifetime is to recognize that we are a small part of a bigger picture, and the small role we play will add to our shared reality of where we are going, getting a clear picture is what we are making conscious. An element of uniqueness and beauty able to help, to heal, to inspire and to uplift. Not only yourself in this moment but in helping yourself you reflect your energy, your colour, and your light out into the world. So what are you doing in this moment to help heal yourself?


The Kaleidoscope – Linking left and right brain

Scientists are proving that our brain is the vital link in keeping us alive in this reality; physically, mentally and emotionally. But to get a true reflection of what the brain is let us look at the esoteric astrological evolution and then see if the scientist’s view and the esoteric view can meet in the middle. The brain works according to a form of plasticity, according to the esoteric metaphysician the brain is the home of the Spirit/Soul. During gestation, the Soul enters the fetus and begins to be molded within the substance of its housing. Hence the first house of the zodiac is Aries. What this goes to show is the brain is an adaptable material. Brain surgeons have noted when damaged due to injury to a portion of the brain if not too severe, it quickly adapts, literally molding its form to suit the task it now needs to perform. So on a physical level, the brain can rethink how to perform certain manual tasks. Dr. Susan Blakemore of Oxford University has discovered a fascinating aspect to other performances of the brain very much linked to the programming of our own DNA. These totally random patterns interlock and resonate by opening the portholes that link both hemispheres of your brain forming a hemi-sync, and set in motion images in the mind, this is Ego, our search engine mode. This unique ability to create order out of chaos is very much a frequency we as humans strive to attain, as our minds seem chaotic and are literally out of order.

This innate, non-invasive process represents ‘one moment’ out of time, in our own multidimensional complex reality. I find in such moments that my mind views these patterns without judgment, and expands the boundaries of what I view as beautiful for in that moment it’s like a light bulb has been turned on and all is accepted for what it is. It brings me into the now ‘present time’, and allows me to experience this moment as a timeless one.

The center remains still and soundless while the outer wheel moves and shifts, transcending within it, information necessary for our sense for the direction of self, a guiding light, a destination marker towards self-realization and beyond. We are each given a fragment of this pure resonance as a destination, a gift of reminding us of our journey in our lives as way showers, sun dancers, light bearers and rainbow warriors. This vibration is so subtle and distorted in this world that kaleidoscopes help us to discover that beacon that resonates with our personal truth. In so doing, we discover levels of learning, so remembering. 


Seven Sided Kaleidoscope and why I make them like this

One of the amazing principles of what kaleidoscopes alter is the sense of order out of chaos. 

You simply watch the motion, often mesmerized at the ‘movement ‘ of how the pieces moving inside the wand visually depict a sense of order even though it is all just random movement. It seems to have a rhythm.

The Mandala in motion brings the mystical circle of life into your consciousness. Very much like us. If seen on just one level of reality we are unique and beautiful, but there is so much more that we are capable of doing.

Now, imagine viewing yourself through a seven-fold mirrored image you would look like a living crystal (since we are made of the same substance, silicone based). The geometric patterns formed tell a different story in relation to our emotional mental, and subtle energetic bodies as they operate on their unique level and frequency.

Read, Stardust: Our Cosmic Origins by Stephen Welch ….creating who you are, in this moment. A multi-dimensional being of light. The more you allow yourself to be open to the use of the kaleidoscopes beauty, the more energetically charged and stimulated your multidimensional self will become. Attuned to realities that are less traumatic and more harmonious since one of our biggest problems is allowing the conditioned images in our minds to pass. Realities often representing aspects of yourself and others that you have not come to love or forgive become stagnant and blocked stopping the flow of energy (the ‘chi’ or ‘prana’). Stifling the motion/movement, it either stops or moves at a much more rigid, dying unnatural flow – and if not fixed eventually results in death.


 SEVEN and HUMAN CREATION, as laid out by Mikhael Aivanhov

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov was a Bulgarian philosopher, pedagogue, mystic, and esotericist. 

he states, “The square symbolizes matter, the triangle symbolizes the spirit. Your head is the Three. Your two arms and two legs are the Four. The Three unites with the Four to form a living being. When three has not yet been materialized it floats up in the air: it is an Idea. When you have an idea, that is the Three. But give it the material reality and it becomes a Four; The two combined makes seven and the Seven is a human being. Seven is the symbol of perfected man…. Perfect in the Senses that he expresses the whole Human being; spirit matter. Man is the key to the Universe, but what is a key? In many old initiatives drawings, a cross surmounted by a triangle. The Four surmounted by the Three, a matter under the rulership of the spirit.”