Using a specific light frequency kaleidoscope projector that projects through gemstones and crystals onto the body, helps the body to reenergise the  bodies cells like the rays or like the sun of the leaves of a tree


Would you like to experience the Nurturing of your own creative spirit?

For the quite introspective personality, who experienced hurt on the most fundamental levels,  this type of play therapy is none invasive, none verbal and totally safe space for the child or the individual to feel safe enough to allow the colour to talk to them. During each session, you are under no obligation to perform or do anything specific unless you feel impulsed to do so depending on the expression of creativity we are working on. Even for children with physical and mental disabilities,  this form of therapy is a wonderful mind escape through realms and dimensions of colourful stargates that allow their imagination to be set free while experiencing the healing properties of colour.

Did you know that Colour has the beautiful and purposeful mission of alleviating environmental and emotional damage?
Not with patchwork substitutes, but with the pristine power of Light vibrations, which works on all levels of our being.

Light up from the inside out. Biophotons in the brain

Your treatment can be anything from 45min to 2 hours


Group or Individual Experiences

A unique kaleidoscopic healing experience using colour and crystals in each treatment
that releases, mental, emotional, and spiritual blockages

Good for After Care & Recuperation

Treatments Include

Physical body

Relieves symptoms associated with; cancer, viruses, stings, toothaches, immune deficiency
disorders, chiropractic, acupuncture, and acupressure strenuous bodywork, postoperative.

Mental body

Post Depressions, ADHD Disorders, Gain Self-Worth, and Self-Esteem,
Fill yourself with a Joyful energy. Gain a healthier sense of well-being
Develop self-awareness techniques.

Emotional body

Becoming emotionally Self-Realized, Understand the language of your Soul;
Learn to create a safe space;
Learn what you need to understand in order to create what you really want.

Spiritual body

Wake up to your co-creative Destiny, Find out what nourishes your Spirit,
Feel your connection to all that is, Becoming more of who you are!


The link below will give you MORE INFO on healing with kaleidoscopic light



“I guess that sometimes it just takes a long walk through the darkness, a long walk through the darkest shadows and corners of your soul to realize that those are a part of you as well, that you’ve created through your experiences and thoughts those parts within yourself and as much as you can choose to fear them and repress them, they will require your attention one day, they will need your care and acceptance before you can clean them away and turn the lights on. For you refuse to shine the light on something that is imperfect because you fear judgment and rejection, but you can always choose to look towards the light as the only source of true beauty and love that can help you in the cleaning process. Healing, after a long time of struggle and mess, is a complex process, but a necessary one nevertheless. We are so overwhelmed by the amount of work it requires that we so often choose to run away from the light, hide in our dark corner and hope that we will never be found, hope that we will never be seen, or desperately look outwards for that love and compassion that we can no longer find within ourselves, for our soul’s light no longer shines as it used to. And sometimes we just find those people that can see the light beneath all that dust and darkness that’s been pilled up, those kinds of lightworkers that understand our broken souls and manage to pick us up and see the beauty within us, when we find it so hard to see it ourselves. Sometimes I get so tired of separation, of division, of groups and different religions and belief systems. Even if you do find the truth, once you’ve put it into words, books and rules it already becomes distorted by the mind into something that is no longer true. So I no longer hope for understanding, no longer hope for the opinion of a judgemental mind, but I hope to find the words that touch the soul before the mind, I hope to find the touch that warms the heart from deep inside, and hope to find that far away abandoned part of me which I’ve left behind.” ― Virgil Kalyana Mittata Iordache