Illumination Meditation Transformation

Learn how to manage stress and disease as growth experience’s with kaleidsocopic colour and crystal therapy

Mental Body

Post Depressions, ADHD Disorders

Gain Self Worth and Self Esteem 

Fill yourself with a joyful energy 

Gain a healthier 

Sense of well being

Develop self awareness Techniques

Emotional Body

Becoming emotionally Self Realised, 

Understand the language of your Soul

Learn to create a safe space

Learn what you need in order to create 

what you really  want.

Spiritual Body

Wake up to your corrective Destiny. 

Find out what nourishes your Spirit, Feel your connection to all that is.

Become more of who you really are!

Learn to have fun on a soul level

Each individual is as complex as a kaleidoscope of colour. Full of unpredictable, dynamic patterns constantly in motion always changing

Everything Colour

Using individual frequencies and crystals I am able to project specific healing or colour experiences.​

Life Skills with QEC

Knowlege and understanding, are the two essentials in starting your own journey into wholeness.


Pre & Post Birth Ceremonies New Born Naming Ceremonies Death and Dying Dignity Ceremonies Wedding Ceremonies Birthday Ceremonies Spiritual Event Opening and Closing Ceremonies Sacred Plant Ceremonies


Stargate Retreats or Essential Co-facilitated retreats offer unique kaleidoscope light experiences unique to each group and individual.


Colour Experiences

There are various colour and light experiences to choose from. For individuals or groups. For healing to mediation experience 

Colour & Light Workshops

Workshops are intimate gatherings where you get to explore colour, light, meditation and the positive and uplifting use of kaleidoscope light


This can be up to 2 hours per session and includes Astrological Reading, QEC when needed. Even for colour therapy a in-depth initial consultation is essential to gauge whats needed