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Lara Light,

is your QEC and Life Coach, Western Cape
South Africa

When it comes to helping to guide you, you are at the right place.  I have worked with many clients and bring a wide range of spiritual knowledge to help ground your understanding of what you going through and what Spirit is calling you to be or do.

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From My clients

“When Lara and I first talked about Light therapy, I thought:'here we go another hippy type treatment that's supposed to heal my ailments and make me a better person" I soon found out that Lara was not a hippy but a true scientist with an inquiring mind. Always deepening her knowledge on the subject of Light therapy and always professional and punctual!“
Natalie Nova
“ Absolutely!! The Crystal Light is the most profound experience I think I’ve ever had! And the wisdom of Lara goes hand in hand with it making it really powerfully healing stuff!!! No fluffy stuff here!“
Lauren Hoffmeyer

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