Frequently asked questions about the process

I dont have any “issues” as such but I feel I am not reaching my full potential in my creative work. Can QEC help?

Absolutely. QEC is ideal for expanding your creativity and removing any creative blocks.

Colour and the Kaleidoscope offer a perfect way to tap into your creative potential. Many clients come see me just for this as it helps you to visualise and see colours and so doing activates the imagination

What sort of issues can QEC help with?

QEC addresses a wide range of issues, for example; health problems, mental health challenges, self-worth issues, financial problems, relationship issues and situations involving grief and loss. Any circumstance can be improved by changing your thinking.

How do you check that beliefs are installed?

QEC uses a special type of Kinesiology (muscle testing), to access the subconscious mind and check the installation of intentions.

Do you have to believe QEC or kaleidoscopic light healing for it to work?

Absolutely not. This process bypasses the conscious mind so it is irrelevant what you believe. Muscle testing (kinesiology) helps affirm that the new sentences have been installed. However, the proof of success is in experiencing the positive changes in your life.


As light is a natural healer you simply relax and let the colours do the work for you

How long does a session of kaleidoscopic light healing last and what is achieved?

Depending on your problem, a session can last anything from 25min to 2 hours


How is Kaleidoscopic Light healing different from other colour therapy ?

Colour Therapy normally used a single light source with a single colour

Kaleidoscopic Light healing can and does include a mirrored kaleidoscopic light prism that can project multiple colours in a healing combination, as well as target an area with a single colour in multiple focused beams. So much more potent and effective. Very Tangable

Does kaleidoscopic light healing have any negative side-effects or dangers?

Some minor side effects can occur depending on the level of shift and changes. They are very rare,

some symptoms include nausea or diarrhea as you let go of old baggage

Does it involve hypnosis or an altered state of consciousness?

No, you are perfectly awake and aware of every step of both the QEC process and the kaleidoscopic light healing

Are there any books I can read on the subject?

On Colour Therapy

Source of Inspiration – suggested reading 

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I suggest reading Bruce Lipton’s “The Biology of Belief” which can be found in most bookstores and is translated into several languages including Afrikaans. Other good books with related topics are “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself” by Joe Dispenza and “Power Up Your Brain” by David Perlmutter.