Lara Light

Lara Light 

Kaleidoscope Artist
International Presenter and Quantum Energy Coach
Founder and Facilitator of Kaleidoscopic Vibro Synchronisation 
 Colour & Crystal Therapist, with over 20 years of working with light, colour and kaleidoscopes.
Lara Light, qualified as an interior designer and  decorator giving her a excellent background in what was later to become her passion… colour and light. Having the philosophy of learn by experience over the last 20 years of this form of technology, makes her a technician in intuiting the group or clients needs while at the same time understanding the role the various colour, crystal and gemstone combination work from a scientific perspective.
Lara’s projections during workshops, transformational festivals, music and corporate events are not only incredible to see but also add harmonious vibrations creating a unique and palpable ambiance.
Working with her own healing, her in-depth study of light and colour has resulted in a new form of therapy in 2002. Kaleidoscopic colour and crystal projections helps to alleviate symptoms of stress and diseases of body and mind. She is the founder of Colour Vision and The Star Gate Journeys, which use visual arts and vibrational medicine to aid and assist in shifting conscious awareness to a higher state of being. Lara has a passion for people and a deep desire to be of service.  Her vision is to assist others in unblocking their hearts, strengthening their spirit, enabling them to live their lives fully and free from fear! 

Client Review

I have the privilege of working with extraordinary individuals during great times of change in their lives, all of them are dedicated to working towards bringing their most positive selves into their life’s.
And when working with them on healing through colour and kaleidoscope light, they remember those forgotten aspects of themselves that quicken and reawaken who they are. This is pure magic because they see this for themselves during each soul healing journey with me.
I get to grow with them, deepening loves connection with the Creator and often find the healing follows just as they do. Their lives journey and commitment to self-inspire’s me to continue doing my best as well as to highlight the many healing experiences.
This process works wonders, what some clients had to say:

Leonie M Dippenaar

Lara creates healing with colour. Lara has many gifts to help assist in the healing process. I have done the most spot-on astrology sessions with Lara. Contact her today for transformation. Look out for her retreat later this year.

Lauren Amy Hoffmeyer

Absolutely!!  The Crystal Light is the most profound experience I think I’ve ever had! And the wisdom of Lara goes hand in hand with it making it really powerfully healing stuff!!!  No fluffy stuff here! ♥

Leonie Maritz

Lara Light is a spectacular being with such a grasp on spiritual depth work. She reaches your inner layers with her crystalline, lights of love and healing. She is the guiding light that helps you activate the rainbow hidden within your personal prism. She will empower you, enlighten you and embrace your authenticity whilst helping you do the same for yourself. A rare, magical experience from a gifted goddess and wonderful spirit friend! ♡♡♡ Her creations are out of this dimensions too!

Colour Experiences

There are various colour and light experiences to choose from. For individuals or groups. For healing to mediation experience 

Colour & Light Workshops

Workshops are intimate gatherings where you get to explore colour, light, meditation and the positive and uplifting use of kaleidoscope light


This can be up to 2 hours per session and includes Astrological Reading, QEC when needed. Even for colour therapy a in-depth initial consultation is essential to gauge whats needed