About our retreats

Essensuality: inspired movement within and toward more significant presence ♥ Essensuality feels like being on purpose with an effortless grace that entices and entertains all our senses in the here and now ♥ to embrace the Essensual Self is to honor our HUMAN experience as Spirit Being ♥ Celebrate your Essensuality ~ love: what is ♥

The Essensual Self is the part of us that honors our creative human experience by inviting us to inhabit the present moment and embrace all our senses: physical, or outer, and inner oneness.

When we are harmoniously in synch with our Essensual Self, we feel complete within ourselves: grateful, deliberate: on purpose. Adventurous… curious, spirited: inspired.

We laugh easily – at and with ourselves, we have a curious and curiouser glint in our eyes. We move within circles of inspiration, from moment to moment in the sense of grace. Here, we find our strength illuminated, our will refined: we know from a place that excites in the unknowing: we are eager and allowing.

We embrace our Essensual Self by inhabiting our bodies, connecting to all our senses and living in the present moment – and this Enlightened Living Retreat | Gathering is designed to give us space and opportunities to do just this in a fun and gentle way.

As we gather together and retreat within, tending to our senses and perceptions for our highest good, we are inviting ourselves to co-create with the energies of abundant wellbeing: ordinary miracles abound!