I’ve just come back from spending a few days in nature. Yes, for someone like myself who’s always doing some sort of social media. Always online, always busy, not really into just relaxing especially these last few years.  I’ve really developed a taste for the simpler lifestyle. This past weekend offered me just that.

I remember looking back in my life at times where I really felt a burning desire to just get away from it all. I remember thinking, I need forest air, I need open space and often I would take myself on a few days sabbatical and simply allow myself to be. Wow, how I miss those days.

The last few year have been chaotic, with relocating, new relationships, including a marriage, getting dogs and working with and for partners who I need to also attend to. I realized just how busy I have made my life for myself. This is why this past weekend was so magical.  It brought me back to simply being. A state I love and have missed dearly.

Taking time out is not hard nor is it difficult to actually do. That’s if you actually give yourself over to it completely. For a lot of people I’m guessing they weren’t as lucky as myself all those years ago while working for myself I could take time out, and I did. I spent many many years cultivating the time-out phase. So it came back to me relatively quickly.  I now long for it and in longing for it, I realize that a lot of people first off don’t realize they actually need it, let alone want it.  Which is why this year as part of my June proposed retreat am offering just that.  A time to retreat. A time to take form myself and be with just me. I’ve decided to share what I’ve learned during these many sabbaticals on how to let go and unwind the mind, to relax the body and really benefit from at least 2 days in nature.

Naturally, we would all love to spend as much time as possible in nature, well that’s how I feel. But we all have hectic schedules so taking at least 2 days out every few months can benefit you immensely.

Somethings I’ve learned during timeout

  1. You can survive without technology at your fingertips for extended hours
  2. Nature is all-embracing, never judging and totally welcoming of your presence and space
  3. Stepping in mud puddles softens your heart and reminds you of your soul essence, which is free to play
  4. Sunrise and sunsets speak to you in a language worth learning, so spending more time watching the colours change can start teaching you its language of the soul.
  5. You are blessed to breathe in the essence of nature and to feel it flow through your body unhindered, unmassed and unmanaged.
  6. You are naturally connected to life’s flow, once you learn to let go of trying to control everything
  7. A calm mind comes naturally when given space to just be
  8. You can walk out any thoughts that stop you from letting go, you might have to walk quite a lot
  9. Laying your body on the earth is a great way to recharge your bodies chemistry and electrical magnetism
  10. Been out of your comfort and social media zone is really good for you, even if you don’t see it like that all the time
  11. You are part of nature and technology is simply a tool we can use but should not let it use us
  12. Making time for me is the best thing I can do, especially taking time to be in nature

So what advice can I share? We are quickly losing our connection to nature with the advancement of technology. As an older crony, I can feel this change in myself and my concern is for the youngsters who have been given this technology to play with from a young age. They not going to know what nature is unless we as the way showers share this joy of spending time in nature by taking time out.


If you would like this concept then remember to join me this June as I share some of these skills on my June meditation retreat