Colour and kaleidoscope images harmonize, balance and heal your body through there vibrations.

Colour therapy, also known as chromotherapy dates back to ancient Greece. Certain temples were dedicated to experiencing the light from the sunshine reflecting colour from the painted walls. These temples were specifically designed with no ceilings,  allowing the rays of the sun in, reflecting the colour off the walls onto the person. People would go and relax in these “colour spas” for the day, robed in white and experienced the different colours needed for their own healing.

You can surround yourself with the healing energy of colour by following these few easy steps. Fill a blue bottle with water and write a healing word like love, peace, abundance or harmony on a label and stick it onto the side of the bottle (based on Dr. Emoto’s water theory).  Place it on the windowsill for two hours in the sun. Drink it all during the day. Blue-charged water is good for calming, de-stressing and relaxing. Green helps to fight viruses, builds the immune system and helps to relieve symptoms of depression. If you want to increase your energy or lose weight try red-charged water. Red is a powerful colour through, only one glass a day.

 Another way is to hang a Swarovski crystal in your window, to catch and reflect the suns rays inside your home, blessing it with rainbows of colour. You can even try breathing in the colour particles. While watching the reflections dance around the room close your eyes and imagine the rainbows filling you with healing light.

Kaleidoscope is a Greek word meaning “to view beautiful forms”.  They were patented it in 1863 in Scotland by a scientist called Sir David Brewster, as an optical instrument. They are normally made by using three reflective surfaces facing towards each other, a ‘mirrored prism’. Their original intention was to inspire various art forms such as architecture, jewelry design, and mosaic art to highlight the beauty in/of nature. They soon became ‘the’ item to have and became known as a “The Parlor Scope.”  

These patterns of light affect you in two noticeable ways. When looking into the kaleidoscope the brain is activated by linking the left and right brain hemispheres. Your brain functions in either left or right brain dominance. Left dominated by individuals like to analyze everything, control and control everything, everything has its place and space. Right dominated people like to enjoy music, art, and moments of feeling at peace.  When we learn to balance these two halves of our brains, we operate from a calm, clear and centered place, when the brain is in harmony we experience cohesiveness and find solutions to projects or problems… 

While looking at kaleidoscope images, one becomes more relaxed and remarkably inspired while at the same time the imagination is stimulated. These beautiful patterns can also help you in your daily life in ways you have never thought of before. Such as, if you feel self- doubt depression, hopelessness or mental anxiety. These soothing images are jam packed with colour and the images offer a unique balancing effect on the brain and uplifting effect on the mind. The images inside a kaleidoscope can be quite hypnotic in that it relaxes the mind and stimulates the brain in a relaxed gaze,  this produces a state of mind that is similar to meditation, but the advantage is that your eyes are open. This open eye meditation, help’s you to dream new dreams and lifts your spirit with joyful thoughts.  We know from science that,  Left brain simulation manifests as geometrical shapes, logical, and mathematical processes reminding us of our body’s own matrix. Right brain is stimulated by beauty, rhythm, imagination, and daydreaming.

Yes, this little so-called toy has just celebrated 200 years of innovation in this world. 1816 to 2016. I’m honored to share  Dr. Brewster’s vision as outlined in his patent. One of which was to have large groups of people viewing the kaleidoscopic images all the same time set to beautiful music.

The Kaleidoscopic light projector that I used from 2002 to 2008 was designed by Turid Bergstedt and developed into a healing modality by myself Lara Light, as business partners we made kaleidoscopes for fifteen years in The Kaleidoscope Studio, Simons Town Cape Town. 

The kaleidoscope light therapy is based on over two decades of this specific use of colour by research by myself,  where I documented the remarkable case studies of the effects of the light. 

In early 2010 the latest buzz word around Cape Town was the sensational collaboration between Lara and Lulu as performing artist; for her, the body is an amazing instrument whereby the language of art is expressed. She sees a performer as someone that mesmerizes you, changes your perception of the impossible while weaving beautiful moments of the Dreamtime into your reality. So by simply watching the show ‘The Awakening’, one feels the healing frequencies of crystals and colour and then is given an opportunity to experience this fantastic light projected onto your body by having your own five minutes colour therapy session. 

Science is now proving that light vibrations heal and balance our bodies. Top scientist Rasmus Gaupp-Berghausen runs the laboratory of Dr. Emoto who we met in 2010, I expressed an interest in what we are doing. In running experiments with the kaleidoscope, it is thought these patterns of light have the ability to shift consciousness due to the fact that we are 75% water. Dr. Emoto is a leading water crystal expert; he claims that a word or vibration can change the shape of a water molecule.