As you know I’ve been working hard on creating some wonderful corporate kaleidoscope orders.with so much time spent in the studio. I’ve had time to think about what I would like to share with everyone. I’m excited to announce an idea I’ve had for a three part or 3 Phase Soul Light Activation kaleidoscope crystal light experience.

Having presented all of these experiences in often just an hour event, always felt rather short each time for people to actually had enough time to truly understand the benefits of what I call soul light remembering.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in experiencing for your self, then please join me in September. As your seat is ready for your 3 phase Soul Light Activation.

What to expect

To begin, each evening will start off with a discussion and preparation for what the evening’s experience has to offer. My hope and intention during each phase is to explore on a soul level the use of ‘ART’ in personal transformation. Discovering a way to access freedom of soul, a way to possibly navigate a sovereign way of becoming more authentic to yourself. These explorative experiences are geared to harness the energy generated with your unique momentum in the crystal lights composition. A creative space. Imagine if this was possible? Imagine if you knew how to use this energy in combination with your Soul.

These experiences create a space where you can let go and be transported back to your childhood innocence, especially if you never really had that when you were young. Come. Bring who you are and dare to open up to the world of awe and wonder!


9th Sept- Intention.ILLUMINATION
Journey through wondrous Mandala Visuals in this Sound and Light Experience.

Come experience crystal light illumination with an all new designed light show. Featuring a variety of images and colour effects. A visual sensory treat

Confirm your space…/241039013/

16th Sept. Intention MEDITATION
MEDITATION experiences
Sound and Light Bath experience
This second evening is where we go deeper into the subconscious aspects of wellness, intuition and your senses. The discussion as part of this event will feature colour’s used for health, healing, relaxation, stress relief. Be bathed in various sounds, aromas and crystal colour.

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Crystal Light Shape Shifting. Energised

This final evening of all three soul light activation evenings is to connect your magical child through dance and sense. The discussion for the evening will be on how to open your soul star seed activation dance as you move into the light.
Come experience crystal light illumination with an all new light experience.
Featuring a variety of visuals and effects. A visual sensory treat
Date: 23rd Sept (this will form part of our live Solstice Dance in de-light celebration of welcoming in the new through crystal light vibrations)
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Book for all 3 events and remember to book early.

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