More than just a toy

Kaleidoscopes are so much more than just toys
Use them to inspire your art and aid in stress management. 

Regular exposure to the symmetrical patterns and colours of a kaleidoscope
link left and right brain hemisphere’s to activate deeper levels of consciousness, enhancing visualization and expanding awareness.

A way of viewing life

Each kaleidoscope has a unique colour combination and no two are ever the same. With every new image, the exploding colour brings your imagination to life. Dream images that open your minds eye to a little taste of ‘forgotten home’. Open yourself to the light… the magic of colour!

Transform your life with colour!

Colour’s play an important role in our lives. Both macro and microscopically and our moods are affected by the colours we are exposed to. Organs and glands vibrate at different frequencies which correspond to different colour’s vibrations, this allows colour to rejuvenate body and mind.

Colour illumination, which is the type of light experienced when looking through a kaleidoscope, has an instantaneous effect on the body and mind. This, combined with the rhythmical changing patterns creates a unique form of meditation.

Modern science is now beginning to look at the eyes as gateways into the mind. Most of us are not aware that eyesight is merely a small aspect of the dynamic process called vision.

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