Ride the Energy Waves

practice something you were born with

…. it is in the very midst of opposition, paradox, anxiety, and conflicts that the human mind can transcend its limitations. To induce this gigantic cramp of consciousness the Zen chela is given a koan by his master, ‘Show me the face before you were born”, by entering a seemingly impossible struggle, man eventually can go beyond. Archetypal Stages of the Great Rond of the Mandala; – Journal of Religion and Psychical Research.

This is a bold statement. But I believe just as many do that this is our next logical evolutionary step. In order to achieve this, I feel its essential to have a ‘bearing’ as to what direction or focus you are ready to ride the energy waves with? Being close to nature is essential as a starting point before making rather big conscious steps in your life. Before you are able to ride the energy waves, you need to understand yourself as your inner technology and how your world works with you in it.  Your process of discovery often entails dropping the negative ego, this vital, here are some questions to help trigger some truthful answers.

What do you do on a daily base to make yourself feel good inside?

How are you experiencing peace with you and around you?

If you are not doing it now, are you willing to start it now, are you willing to genie?

Do you really want to change?

Do you want to continue to complain about what you don’t have in your life?

Do you want to really create a much more wonderful life than you have now?

If you are willing to change, you can. If you are willing to do the work involved, then you can change your life for the better

Unless you are able to look at yourself honestly the energy waves that are coming are going to wash you overboard and drag you to the bottom of whatever it is you holding onto.  You know this, you can sense it, you are ready for this, in fact, you were born to be part of the change. It’s scary and uncertain, with whats all going on around you.  Your challenge, if taken, to ride the energy waves would require you to look at nature, look at flowers especially. Absorb their subtle colours Stress is a fearful reaction to life’s constant changes. It is an excuse we use for not taking responsibility for our feelings.. stress = fear.  Which brings me to the next brief introduction to riding the energy waves, In 1998 I read a book that had a major influence on my spiritual growth. I fly out with Bright Feathers, a quest of a novice healer, Allegra Taylor, ISBN: 085207-2678, in there she outlines what your 5 natural emotions  That will help you shatter the false reality around all the other distorted forms.

  1. Anger: Natural Emotion: its purpose is change and in its normal state it should not last more than 15seconds. If it is repressed it turns into rage, revenge, self-destruction, hate, and depression. ‘Public Energy No1”
  2. Fear: fear only two things, loud noise, and falling, these are natural emotions. its purpose is survival in its unnatural form it becomes anxiety, phobias, and panic attacks.
  3. Grief: Serves the vital purpose of solving losses. When denied a healthy outlet, it turns into self-ditty, depression, shame and guilt.
  4. Jealousy: Triggers emulation and therefore evolution. When it gets out of proportion it becomes envy, greed, competitiveness, manipulation, and hypocrisy.
  5. Love: That makes the world go round and bond with each other, can turn to prostitution, passionless, pathetic need for approval and a lack of confidence.

How to deal with them, so riding the wave

  1. Anger: beat out your suppressed anger, rage and disappointment is a friendly safer environment onto an inmate object. Pillows for hugging and talking too.
  2. Guilt: confessions and self-forgiveness
  3. Fear: screaming gets your initial fears u from the depth of your bowels and helps you recognize them for what they are.

When all else fails it’s important to relax, remain calm, like you floating on the surface of the wave or the turmoil in your life and allow yourself to be guided, to space or place where you can breathe, recollect your thoughts and begin again.  Each of us has an inner technology given to us as part of our birthright, right now we are discovering we have our training wheels on, so we are able to explore these basic emotions and how they affect our state of mind, without been traumatized. Discovering how you can ride the energy waves is part of this next step in co-creating our future realities together with God, Goddess and all that is, its an exciting time to be alive and riding the waves of success and accomplishment is the way we as a species are going to be propelled into a new state of being, entering the new world on a high tide and making the most of this lifetime we living.

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