Why are you drawn to Mandala’s

A philosophical or kaleidoscope mind perspective

If you like me, you will so be drawn to the beauty of mandala’s, whether on fabric, in nature or in a kaleidoscope, digital art or old school crafted kaleidoscopes. The images are every lasting. This is what my deep research into the heart of the mystery, the Mandala.

The best help to feel one’s own center while acting is to stay conscious, no matter what might happen, no matter what one does at any time, to watch oneself consciously. To watch oneself when one becomes impatient, boring, furious, tired… it clear to yourself again and again that the issue is a meditation, and that at best this is to be compared with a prayer, who would want to pray especially well, fast or accurately or effectively “our soul goole is the center.” – Ruddier Dahlke, pg 66, Mandala’s of the World

You are drawn to mandala’s because your nature or soul recognizes the patterns & colours of a mandala.  “MAN DA LA”, the word is a Sanskrit name for ‘mystical circle’ Your eye is a mandala, so are flowers, or more specific nature. From plants to animals to us. We are what is known as symmetrical biology. So a colorful and ‘beautiful’ pattern will draw our eye to it. Thousands of years ago, light schoolers believed that your eyes were light lanterns shining the light and ‘lighting up reality external from us as much as the Sun lights up our outer and inner reality. So could it be that your eye was drawn to the mandala, to colour them in, to bring them to life?  From the scientific perspective “The retina of the eye is less than 1 square inch yet contains over 137,000,000 light-sensitive cells that send information to your brain, to allow you to see.”  Creation Magazine March-May 1996 p. 39 (1). That’s a huge amount of technology and research gone into the space shuttle as there is in one eyeball.

The mystics and wisdom teachers reference a few of the following to help point us in the right direction. The Eye Mandala, at the center of your eye, is a ‘black hole’ specifically supported all around this black hole is a technology able to decode “rodes” and decipher  “cones” the outside world through vibration and frequencies, making us see colour, hear the sound, feel warmth etc.

Matt.6:22, “the eye is the light of the body”. The eye is the mediator between the external light of the sun and the internal light of recognition. Without the sun there is no light. Light travels in straight lines, going directly into our eyes, and into our reality or our space forming our reality. The Blackhole of the eye is where all light is been swallowed and steered inside the retina.

Mandala of the inner vision that ‘we’ symbolically portray as their eye, as the “shining heart of Jesus”, as the “rose” or as a “chakra”  We have the codes in our DNA turned on for this. It’s in our memory. Our inner self-learns from that to discover its true nature.

Mandala’s are magic, moments captured, mirrors of our path,

Adding colour and form to the awesome inner dance,

Never ending as eternity swings near and away along the circles, edge,

Drawn in and out, moving dialectally over our souls,

Asking only opens and space to see the

Light that shines, the wheel that turns,


– Maureen Richie, – Creating Mandala’s

Mandala’s help you answer questions, find the resolution, heal from a heart or emotion issue. Mandala medicine is well known in ancient cultures. From the Tibetans to the Astac Indians, who create nature mandala’s in sacred places for various reasons, one I remember reading is native American Indians create healing mandala’s out of objects found at the site, stone, leaves, flowers etc and then lay the sick child on this mandala for healing. What about the Hindu’s who create flower or rice mandala’s on their front walkway entrances to bless the house for the time needed. Most famous mandalas are the Rose Window in the Chartres Cathedral in France. Most of the well-remembered mandala are ofter symmetrical creating that ‘mystical circle’ Most medieval churches had some form of rose window in which it was well known that sitting in the light of the rays shining down from the window will make you feel well and cures were known to have happened.

So back to now, there you are and suddenly you are drawn to a mandala in a rug, wall art, on a Facebook post and even so much so that you now bought all the mandala colouring books you can find, and share this love of mandala, and maybe just maybe what I’m saying resonates with you enough to want to know more….

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