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Quantum Physics confirms that we are made of light vibration. You body is always changing. You can either radiate your health and well being as harmony, or your stuckness as disharmony and eventual disease. When stuck, you  open up your energy field to situations and illnesses that reflect your current held beliefs, this can be mild to severe mental, emotional or physical traumas. You get what you believe is true, your body is your best friend, your biofeedback loop, it registers your state of being deeply and  when an injury happens that affects you,  you breathe that trauma in, it now gets stuck in your cells and tissue as a product of your environment. Epigenetics  based on Bruce Lipton’s work in Biology of Belief has shown this to be the way we work.

You are a product of your environment. Over time or sometimes instantly, you will feel a blockage or belief that just won’t change as pain, or a deep emotional hurt you just can’t pinpoint. Sometimes it plays a scenario over and over in your mind or on your inner screen of where you were injured. This is your que to take action fast. That pain you feel, or energy belief is now stuck in your body somewhere causing you to experience an energy blockage, a pain, a trauma, a wound, a disease. You have become stuck. Nothing can grown in statement water. It’s time to heal.

This limited belief, this pain, this trauma is what stops you from getting what you want in life.

Introducing Kaleidoscopic Light Healing.

I developed this  unique science & intuition form of Colour Therapy out of my love for kaleidoscopes, colour and my medical background. It can help you because it contains both the science of light and a deeper knowledge based on intuition and empathic sensing.   This organic analogue  photon light  works with pure photons and crystal energy and is  in no way diluted  through a digital tech process. It uses old school mirrored prisms in an alchemical process that offers greater colour vibrational potency to help shift negative core beliefs through beauty.

As a tool, it can  help you heal by balancing your vibrations and shift your visual perceptions and emotional body and in so doing assist in changing your mind effortlessly when combining this  healing with  QEC, or Quantum Energy Coaching 

Open to a gentle yet powerful way of reminding your body of its natural state of being.

Helping you begin to resonate at your optimum best, embrace your future  and get ready to shine!

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Thank u for an absolutely life changing experience!! – Candice Gina Da Costa 

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Soul Search Engine

Perfect for self esteem and seeing your soul light

Activates the imagination and visualisation skills

"Lara Light is a spectacular being with such a grasp on spiritual depth work. She reaches your inner layers with her crystalline, lights of love and healing. She is the guiding light that helps you activate the rainbow hidden within your personal prism. She will empower you, enlighten you and embrace your authenticity whilst helping you do the same for yourself. A rare, magical experience from a gifted goddess and wonderful spirit friend! ♡♡♡ Her creations are out of this dimensions too!" - Leonie

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“I had never heard of nor experienced kaleidoscopic healing before, and went with an open mind. To say that it was a beautiful, and great experience would be putting it mildly. The divine beauty and energy of the colors and shapes held me transfixed in a peaceful yet strangely energizing way. I experienced a sense of oneness, of love and awe. The scented spray showers also imparted a feeling of joy and comfort.I am grateful and blessed to Lara and Chetna for the opportunity to have experienced a stunningly different, yet gentle form of healing.” – Arlene Govender

Playful Light Workshops

Set to expand your mind and open your awareness to energy and vibration. Wear white and let your light shine Allow your spiritual essence to awaken though a colour extravaganza in this, a selection of light and mediative experiences that are designed to help you uncover and grow your spiritual nature as a being of light

Lara Light

Colour Therapist & QEC Practitioner

I am a natural psychic with a background in colour and medicine. It has been my lifes quest to share this colourful way of helping people heal using light and colour for over three decades. As a healer, it is essential to have a selection of tools that work. QEC has given me a new freedom to facilitate quicker and more effective change while working with my clients. Colour and QEC go hand in hand, balancing mind and allowing for a gentle yet powerful shift in consciousness creating a New you.

“Color is simply energy, energy made visible. Colors stimulate or inhibit the functioning of different parts of our body. Treatment with the appropriate color can restore balance and normal functioning.”
Laurie Buchanan, PhD