Become who you always imagined

With QEC and Kaleidoscopic Light 


Do you know that we are all  a product of our environment

 Our subconscious mind is like a sponge, absorbing information from the time we were born, unchecked  we absorb and adopt beliefs about ourselves and our world  that are simply not true. 

Take the test, answer these questions and see if you are living an old version of yourself

Do you struggling with accepting change in your life? 

Are you finding it hard to adopt any or certain new beliefs that can help you grow in your life? 

Do you struggle with addiction, relating to others, or  with yourself? What about your relationships or your communication? 

Sometimes all you need is a little light to shine on your shadow that can  help you see whats trapped there waiting to be freed.


Introducing Kaleidoscopic Light Healing

A unique healing modality developed over 20 years of research.

 Tried and tested on over 500 people including groups and gatherings.

What works well with crystal kaleidoscopic light is

 QEC, or Quantum Energy Coaching, 

A gentle yet powerful way to change your perception of mind and body through rewriting your story,  upgrading your beliefs and running a program that is in alignment with your well being

You are light, its time to lift your resonance, and  shine

Colour Therapy

Natures Healer

One on One

Colour Therapy Treatments 

Energy Balancing through Colour

Quantum Energy Coaching 

Astrological Soul Readings 

Soul Light Search Engine

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Lara has helped me deal with both chronic and acute pain in my feet, using colour therapy and Quantum Energy Coaching. I have to state up-front that I was a total sceptic, but she offered to help me and I have been desperate enough about the pain that I was willing to try anything.


She is a calm gentle presence throughout the process, using 3 colours of light to promote healing, while simultaneously guiding me to explore my core beliefs about my pain, my feet, my body.

I had several “lightbulb moments” throughout the process, and have been able to link unhealthy core beliefs to how my body is feeling. I have noticed a marked improvement already.

2 things impressed me most : This all happened in 2 short sessions and Lara pointed out that her goal is always to train her clients to depend on themselves for healing, rather than depending on her, as happens with long term psychotherapy, for example. It feels good to be in charge of my own healing, using the tools she provided.

Also, she never claimed this would be a cure all panacea, as so many alternative practitioners do. She acknowledged up front that there has been actual physical damage to the joints and tendons, and so the process is to promote healing and help manage the pain and difficulties that come with that injury, not make it all magically go away. That appealed to the sceptic in me.

Thanks so much for the help Lara, it is deeply appreciated! – Sue, July 2019

Set your Spirit free

Soul Search Engine

Perfect for self esteem and seeing your soul light

Activates the imagination and visualisation skills

Thank u for an absolutely life changing experience!! 

"Lara Light is a spectacular being with such a grasp on spiritual depth work. She reaches your inner layers with her crystalline, lights of love and healing. She is the guiding light that helps you activate the rainbow hidden within your personal prism. She will empower you, enlighten you and embrace your authenticity whilst helping you do the same for yourself. A rare, magical experience from a gifted goddess and wonderful spirit friend! Her creations are out of this dimensions too!" - Leonie

Group Experiences

Colour Evenings

Sound & Light Bath



Open Eye Meditations

“I had never heard of nor experienced kaleidoscopic healing before, and went with an open mind. To say that it was a beautiful, and great experience would be putting it mildly. The divine beauty and energy of the colors and shapes held me transfixed in a peaceful yet strangely energizing way. I experienced a sense of oneness, of love and awe. The scented spray showers also imparted a feeling of joy and comfort.I am grateful and blessed to Lara and Chetna for the opportunity to have experienced a stunningly different, yet gentle form of healing.”

– Arlene Govender

Playful Light Workshops

Set to expand your mind and open your awareness to energy and vibration. Wear white and let your light shine Allow your spiritual essence to awaken though a colour extravaganza in this, a selection of light and mediative experiences that are designed to help you uncover and grow your spiritual nature as a being of light

Lara Light

Colour Therapist & QEC Practitioner

I am a natural born psychic with a background in colour and basic emergency medical procedures. I was able to help people who found themselves in distress whether from an accident or an illness. This was the foundation that prepared me as a healer to recognise the depth of trauma we carry around with us every day that no everyone really sees

As an intuitive healer who can see where beliefs are stuck in the body, it is essential to have a selection of tools that work. QEC has given me a new freedom to channel the direction of insight quicker with a very specific formula to help my clients shift paradigms quicker.

Colour and QEC go hand in hand, they effectively shift reality in a blink of an eye proving we are all but pure consciousness choosing to live a life we call being human with its many facets. We are crazy diamonds.

“Color is simply energy, energy made visible. Colors stimulate or inhibit the functioning of different parts of our body. Treatment with the appropriate color can restore balance and normal functioning.”
Laurie Buchanan, PhD

Break free from your shell and shine!