Colour Evenings

Join in our creative colour evening adventures

I offer the most interactive activity you can experience in urban and natural surroundings. Find out how the real you comes alive when guided by light

Setting the Scene for Light

All I need is a space big enough for people to sit on the floor. A small lounch makes the perfect setting

Various Experiences

From the setting I project onto a wall, onto people and onto the space. Using colour and aroma allowing a variety of magical interactive experiences

Wear white to feel light

When you wear white you let the light shine back and so allow us to experience this light with you.

"I had never heard of nor experienced kaleidoscopic healing before, and went with an open mind. To say that it was a beautiful, and great experience would be putting it mildly. The divine beauty and energy of the colors and shapes held me transfixed in a peaceful yet strangely energizing way. I experienced a sense of oneness, of love and awe. The scented spray showers also imparted a feeling of joy and comfort."
“The healing energies did not end there, and in the next couple of days and nights, I could feel my body processing and accepting the healing, by the heaviness/tiredness in the body, some slight physical and/emotional discomfort (which soon disappeared). It was all the more remarkable for not expecting the depth of energy impact as this was almost subtle healing and not immediately obvious during the session"
Arlene Govender

Enjoy the light ride of your life

Colour Experiences

There are various colour and light experiences to choose from. For individuals or groups. For healing to mediation experience 

Colour & Light Workshops

Workshops are intimate gatherings where you get to explore colour, light, meditation and the positive and uplifting use of kaleidoscope light


This can be up to 2 hours per session and includes Astrological Reading, QEC when needed. Even for colour therapy a in-depth initial consultation is essential to gauge whats needed