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"Colour Therapy is a non-invasive therapeutic technique that harnesses the photonic elements of light.

Reminding you, that you are magical"

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Kaleidoscopes for Colour Therapy, corporate gifts, socials and more


Est. 2002




Illumination | meditation | transformation


Areas of Expertise

Colour Decoding

Sound and Light Experiences

Open Eye Meditations

Soul Portraits

Founder KLP Practitioner

QEC Quantum Energy Coach

Creativity Coach

Sheng Zhen Gong -Chi Gong

Jin Shin Jitsu

Laughing Yoga

Graphic Designer

Project Manager

Promotions & Marketing

Vegan Che

Kaleidoscope Artist


Lara worked as a private paramedic before becoming a public health advocate. She is a certified colour therapist ​and a pioneer in using colour through a uniquely designed kaleidoscopic light projector. This is sued to guide ​healing at the heart of an issue. Her therapy is based on a kaleidoscopic lens that works with calibration to help ​activate one's inner healing.

For several years, Lara worked as a private paramedic in Johannesburg. She became disillusioned with hospital care in the mid-1990s. This realisation led her to transition from paramedic to public health advocate to reduce avoidable hospitalisations. She trained as a Level 3 first aid instructor and later became an instructor monitor at St. John Ambulance, teaching numerous students the benefits of knowing emergency first aid.

During this time Lara investigated how different colours affect different body areas due to her passion in colour. Theo Gimbel, a Rudolf Steiner student, inspired her research at the  "Hygeia College of Colour Therapy". This lead Lara to conducted first hand actual colour research and created experiences for friends to go through each colour from 1995 to 2000. In 2001 she trained with Gayle Friedman of the Sun Shine Colour Academy and got her certification in  Colour Therapy. Then in 2010 she qualified as a Quantum Energy Coach with Dr. Melanie Solomon

Lara is a pioneer of using colour through a kaleidoscopic light projector and is passionate about using colour and crystals therapeutically. She guides healing to the heart of an issue by explaining energy in the quantum field, with a focus on practical tools to help activate ones inner healing. This therapy relaxes and energises. This healing process is based on a kaleidoscopic lens that works with calibration in order to perceive a clear vision of life. This component is at the heart of the healing process.





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Lara Light is a spectacular being with such a grasp on spiritual depth work. She reaches your inner layers with her crystalline, lights of love and healing. She is the guiding light that helps you activate the rainbow hidden within your personal prism. She will empower you, enlighten you and embrace your authenticity whilst helping you do the same for yourself. A rare, magical experience from a gifted goddess and wonderful spirit friend! ♡♡♡ Her creations are out of these dimensions too!

- Leonie Maritz

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My life fell apart and I had no control.

I was broken, my relationship came to a terrible end, I sold my business for next to nothing, let my clients down and found myself waking up in a doctor's room after a complete breakdown.

I drove away from friends, family and my relationship.

I was alone, lost and had no direction.

Lara helped me get out of that dark pit of despair and pain. She guided me gave me direction and made me see what was hidden from me.

With time and patience from Lara, I found direction and purpose again.

Thank you for all you have done for me.

- Marius

Words from happy clients

Testimonials and Reviews

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Using colour therapy and Quantum Energy Coaching, Lara has helped me deal with chronic and acute pain in my feet. I have to state up-front that I was a total sceptic, but she offered to help me and I have been desperate enough about the pain that I was willing to try anything. She is a calm gentle presence throughout the process, using 3 colours of light to promote healing, while simultaneously guiding me to explore my core beliefs about my pain, my feet, and my body. I had several "lightbulb moments" throughout the process, and have been able to link unhealthy core beliefs to how my body is feeling. I have noticed a marked improvement already. 2 things impressed me most: This happened in 2 short sessions and Lara pointed out that her goal is always to train her clients to depend on themselves for healing, rather than relying on her, as happens with long-term psychotherapy, for example. It feels good to be in charge of my healing, using the tools she provided. Also, she never claimed this would be a cure-all panacea, as so many alternative practitioners do. She acknowledged up front that there has been actual physical damage to the joints and tendons, and so the process is to promote healing and help manage the pain and difficulties that come with that injury, not make it all magically go away. That appealed to the sceptic in me. Thanks so much for the help Lara, it is deeply appreciated!

“The purest and most thoughtful minds are those ​which love colour the most.”

― John Ruskin, The Stones of Venice

-Sue Hoppe


Colour Therapy

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Soul Portrait

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QEC Session

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Soul Astrology

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Spiritual Guidance

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This kaleidoscope 22x5x3 cm

Galactic Light scope

with Rainbow wand - R580

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This teleidoscope 14x3 cm

Mini Teleidoscope


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Fun Eye Excerciser

Full colour set - R1280

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7 Colour Chakra box set

Cardboard briefcase set-R3850

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Price on request

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Round Scopes

Price on request

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small colour box set

Box Set - R1500

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Unique gift box

Price on request

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large family box set

Family Set -R2200

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Garden kaleidoscope

Price on request

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Emontional balancer

Single wand - R230

Rainbow Tonic

Rainbow - R230

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Heart healer

Single Wand - R230

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Heart Tonic

Single wand - R230

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Creativity wand

Creativity - R230

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Inner child Healer

Single Wand - R240

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Warm Spectrum

Sunrise - R230

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Manifestation Wand

Single Wand - R280

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Cool Spectrum

Sunset - R230

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Moldavite Crystal

Single Wand - R880

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Lara, I am quite intoxicated with the scope; it is so inspiring. I often find the existence of Earth quite dull (that sounds quite weird and jaded, but I truly feel it that way). and then it makes me feel strangely ungrateful, which I don't want to be, because I really and truly believe all is by the will of the "most high." I remember very bright visions from when I was a kid; everything was dipped in fairy dust. Slowly, slowly, imperceptibly, everything turned monochromatic, in shades of grey. Then I look to the outside world for color; it is not always there, but the scope gives an inkling of the highly colorful inner life of everything. It truly is a blast. I get a lot of energy from it.

- Pritam Khalsa

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How to use these kaleidoscopes

Revolutionary Kaleidoscope Design for Effective Colour Therapy

Our kaleidoscopes are meant to be a fun and magical experience, free from any stress or worry when it come to the healing process.

Our basic design is intended as a light-attracting healing tool. We've taken away everything that hinders the alchemical process needed to experience the full benefits of your kaleidoscope. Colours have a significant impact on physical and psychological well-being, and we believe that focused intentional preparation can be used to treat various mental, emotional, and physical issues.

By gaining a proper understanding and appreciation of colour, you can integrate it into your daily life and experience the full benefits of colour therapy. It's important to note that the eyes are the primary entry point for light, colour, and crystal vibrations. This alternative kaleidoscope practices are rooted in the body's natural ability to heal itself.

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2 hours

5 Course Meal

Sensory POP UP

Restaurant Experience

Winter Warmer, August 2024, Sedgefield

An evening of ALCHEMY

bringing you a sensory

colour & light experience

Price Includes

Explosive 5 course meal, filled with colour, taste & sensation

Locally sourced organic

farm to plant delicious dishes

while being bather in light and Colour

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Science meets art

authentic focusing device




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Register to become a qualified colour and kalieodsopci light therapist





Training Course




Training Course

Gayle Freedman

Sunshine Colour Academy. ColourAromaReflexMeridain Therapy and Birth Doula.

Lara Light

KLP Founder

Crystal and Colour Therapist

QEC Coach

Guest Facilitator

Angela Redriver


Goldprint Facitatior


Join us and take your healing practice to the next level

Course Content

Training Course content includes the follwoing

  1. Anatomy & Physiology
  2. Relevant Health & Safety
  3. Professional Practice
  4. History of Kaleidoscopes
  5. How Kaleidoscopes can change your life
  6. How Light enters the body: The science behind the light
  7. Colour and what you need to know
  8. Colour, Crystals and their resonance with the chakras
  9. Colour, Crystals and their uses in healing
  10. Kaleidoscopic Light healing
  11. How Colour and Kaleidoscopic light can be used for physical, emotional, spiritual and auric healing
  12. Learn how to do Colour readings
  13. Using Colour with other therapies
  14. Dowsing the body intuitive
  15. Developing your intuition
  16. Giving and receiving Kaleidoscopic Crystal Light Therapy
  17. Consultation and treatment procedures

The practitioner training course will cover the science behind crystal and colour therapy when used in conjunction with kaleidoscopic light training, as well as how it can be used to balance the body's energy centres, promote relaxation, and reduce stress.

Upon completion, you will have the skills and knowledge to incorporate kaleidoscopic crystal light therapy into your wellness routine or professional practice.

You will also learn how to design customized light and crystal therapy sessions for your clients based on their specific needs and goals, assisting them in achieving optimal wellness and balance in their lives.

With this comprehensive training, you will be equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to become a successful light and crystal therapy practitioner.

You will also have access to a supportive community of like-minded people who are passionate about holistic healing and wellness. As you begin your new career as a kaleidoscopic light practitioner, this network can provide ongoing support and inspiration. The first half of the course will be devoted to understanding and practicing effective color use. Throughout the training, participants will engage in collaborative, hands-on activities that are directly applicable to the challenges they face in their daily lives.

  • On completion of all submitted modules, practitioner client lists, and all other competency lists;
  • Certification as a Colour and Crystal Therapist
  • Certification as a KLP Practitioner
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Purchasing each CORRESPONDENCE training module individually is possible, and each training will be effective on its own.




Colour & Crystal in-depth training