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KLP, or Kaleidoscopic Light Practitioner, projects specific colours and crystals onto the body through a kaleidoscopic light projector to balance the body's energy center, promote mental health, and facilitate healing.

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Light Therapy

Bathe your body in crystal and colour light vibrations. Good for overall or individual physical, emotional and mental struggles or issues

30min to 90min session

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Open Eye Meditation

Give yourself time to relax

Open your minds eye to the mysterious

The wonder, the awe of beauty

This 30min open eye meditation brings your mind and body into focus

30min to 60min

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Soul Portraits

Imagination is the doorway to healing your soul. Watch yourself transform through crystal light vibration and let your higher self and soul light shine through.

A mesmerising experience!

30min to 60min

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Soul Astrology

Do you feel you need help finding your way through life at the moment?

Are you looking for help in finding your true direction?

30min recording, written chart analysis

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QEC Session

Use this powerful process to release

negative and limiting beliefs

The process is proven to work

Changing your life has never been easier

45min online or in-person consultation

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Spiritual Guide

Your spiritual path is a personal journey.

When you are ready you will know.

It can be lonely and overwhelming

With guidance and insight, I can help guide you in finding what works for you

30 to 60 min consultatiions

daily guidance when needed

Words from happy clients

Testimonials from personalised session

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Lara Light is a spectacular being with such a grasp on spiritual depth work. She reaches your inner layers with her crystalline, lights of love and healing. She is the guiding light that helps you activate the rainbow hidden within your personal prism. She will empower you, enlighten you and embrace your authenticity whilst helping you do the same for yourself. A rare, magical experience from a gifted goddess and wonderful spirit friend! ♡♡♡ Her creations are out of these dimensions too!

Using colour therapy and Quantum Energy Coaching, Lara has helped me deal with chronic and acute pain in my feet. I have to state up-front that I was a total sceptic, but she offered to help me and I have been desperate enough about the pain that I was willing to try anything. She is a calm gentle presence throughout the process, using 3 colours of light to promote healing, while simultaneously guiding me to explore my core beliefs about my pain, my feet, and my body. I had several "lightbulb moments" throughout the process, and have been able to link unhealthy core beliefs to how my body is feeling. I have noticed a marked improvement already. 2 things impressed me most: This happened in 2 short sessions and Lara pointed out that her goal is always to train her clients to depend on themselves for healing, rather than relying on her, as happens with long-term psychotherapy, for example. It feels good to be in charge of my healing, using the tools she provided. Also, she never claimed this would be a cure-all panacea, as so many alternative practitioners do. She acknowledged up front that there has been actual physical damage to the joints and tendons, and so the process is to promote healing and help manage the pain and difficulties that come with that injury, not make it all magically go away. That appealed to the sceptic in me. Thanks so much for the help Lara, it is deeply appreciated!

- Leonie


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My life fell apart and I had no control.

I was broken, my relationship came to a terrible end, I sold my business for next to nothing, let my clients down and found myself waking up in a doctor's room after a complete breakdown.

I drove away from friends, family and my relationship.

I was alone, lost and had no direction.

Lara helped me get out of that dark pit of despair and pain. She guided me gave me direction and made me see what was hidden from me.

With time and patience from Lara, I found direction and purpose again.

Thank you for all you have done for me.

- Marius

The Colour Therapy Kaleidoscope Collection


Emontional Healing

This kaleidoscope 22x5x3 cm

Healing - R580

Rainbow wand scope

This kaleidoscope 22x5x3 cm

Rainbow - R580

Creativity Kaleidoscope

This kaleidoscope 22x5x3 cm

Creativity - R580

The Colour Therapy Kaleidoscope Collection

Energising Box Set Range of Products

small colour healing box set

Box Set - R1500

large family box set

Family Set -R2200

7 Colour Chakra box set

Rainbow Set-R3850

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Lara, I am quite intoxicated with the scope; it is so inspiring. I often find the existence of Earth quite dull (that sounds quite weird and jaded, but I truly feel it that way). and then it makes me feel strangely ungrateful, which I don't want to be, because I really and truly believe all is by the will of the "most high." I remember very bright visions from when I was a kid; everything was dipped in fairy dust. Slowly, slowly, imperceptibly, everything turned monochromatic, in shades of grey. Then I look to the outside world for color; it is not always there, but the scope gives an inkling of the highly colorful inner life of everything. It truly is a blast. I get a lot of energy from it.

- Pritam Khalsa



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How to use these kaleidoscopes

Our kaleidoscopes are designed around the idea that this experience should be fun. Its intention is for you to experience the magical patterns inside without worry or stress about what it's doing for you as part of the healing.

Our bare basic design is intended to be used as a light-attracting healing device. The idea is revolutionary in terms of traditional kaleidoscope designs in that we have taken away everything that is in the way of the alchemical process needed to experience healing with your kaleidoscope. You see, once you realise that colours have a physiological and psychological impact on your well-being, with focused intentional preparation you'll see that they can be used to treat a wide variety of issues from mental, emotional and even physical. Colour therapy is so powerful and it is important to have a proper appreciation of colour in order to fully appreciate how to integrate it into your everyday life. In order to see the big picture, you must first learn that your eyes are the primary entry point for light, colour, and crystal vibrations. When I talk about healing, I’m referring to what is called alternative healing practices, but the truth is that healing begins in the body itself.

Free Download

Are you feeling a little lost? No direction? Pick up the free download of my spiritual take on our journey on earth.

This hand-drawn booklet consists of the mind, the body, and the soul, as well as our evolution on earth. The booklet offers a unique perspective on the meaning of life and how to find purpose in our existence. It is a great resource for those seeking spiritual guidance and enlightenment.

What we need to watch out for and what we need to prepare for While I was going through a stage of deepening my own spiritual experiences, I drew this book more than ten years ago. I hope it brings you as much joy as it did for me to write.

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Registration opens June, 2023

Lara Light

KLP Practitioner


Kaleidoscopic light Practitioner

email for course outline

fee structure and early bird specials





Training Course 5 February 2024

Glowing Neon Circle
Early bird special

Co - facilitator

Gayle Friedman

Sunshine Colour Academy

Glowing Neon Circle
Glowing Neon Circle

Guest facilitator

Angela Redriver

Soul Birth

KLP, or a Kaleidoscopic Light Practitioner, projects specific colours and crystals onto the body through a kaleidoscopic light projector to balance the body's energy center, promote mental health, emotional wellbeing and facilitates deep spiritual transformation & lasting change.

  • The course will cover the science behind crystal and colour therapy when used in conjunction with kaleidoscopic light training, as well as how it can be used to balance the body's energy centres, promote relaxation, and reduce stress.
  • Upon completion, you will have the skills and knowledge to incorporate kaleidoscopic crystal light therapy into your wellness routine or professional practice.
  • You will also learn how to design customized light and crystal therapy sessions for your clients based on their specific needs and goals, assisting them in achieving optimal wellness and balance in their lives.
  • With this comprehensive training, you will be equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to become a successful light and crystal therapy practitioner.

You will also have access to a supportive community of like-minded people who are passionate about holistic healing and wellness. As you begin your new career as a kaleidoscopic light practitioner, this network can provide ongoing support and inspiration. The first half of the course will be devoted to understanding and practising effective colour use. Throughout the training, participants will engage in collaborative, hands-on activities that are directly applicable to the challenges they face in their daily lives.

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Training Course

5 Febuary 2024

Kaleidoscopic light Practitioner

Subjects included

  • History: The Origins of Colour Therapy; Evolution of the Ages with Colour
  • What are colours and light waves?
  • Accurate scientific information on the nature of colour.
  • Colour Psychology; Colours of the Spectrum: the basic meaning and their relationship to mind, body, and spirit. The colour shows you who you are and why.
  • Visual Healing with Colour – Chromotherapy using coloured lights to restore health.
  • Colour techniques – solarised water, the endocrine system, chakra reading, spinal colour reading, colour absent healing, diet and colour/colour kaleidoscope therapy.
  • Combining colour with all areas of your life, particularly to enhance your psychic ability.
  • Dream Colours as a healer: Releasing Your Past, Present, and Future and Your Soul colour,
  • Aura Techniques as part of healing – how to distinguish if you have a weak or strong aura and which colour to use to restore balance.

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5 February 20243

Email for registration form

I am attending this online

Practitioner Training Course

About Lara

Hello, my name is Lara, and I am the founder and the originator of this beautiful form of alternative healing known as a Kaleidoscopic Crystal and Colour Light Practice, which is more commonly referred to simply as KLP, I am also one of the co-creators of this very specific kaleidoscope light projector technology that is used in this form of practice.

In 2002, I started my practice in the deep south near boulders beach in Simonstown and with care and dedication over many hours of sitting in the light with friends developed this method of therapy through these incredible experiences.

KLP, or as a Kaleidoscopic Light Practitioner, is someone who projects specific colours and crystals onto the body or body area through a kaleidoscopic light projector to balance the body's energy center, promote mental health, and facilitate healing and wellbeing.

It is effective in treating various physical ailments, emotional blockages, and spiritual development. My approach while working with clients over all these years is in the belief that it is you who does the healing but I can provide a holistic healing from close to your innate nature to allow for the healing to happen. I believe that we can all achieve true healing and deep transformation by integrating the mind, body, and spirit with insight and knowledge when needed. Through my work, I aim to empower individuals though helping to connect the dots of their inner wisdom and so help them to create a life that is aligned with their deepest values and desires and blessed with dignity and passion.

My coaching sessions are tailored to each individual’s unique needs and goals, and I strive to offer a supportive and empowering environment for growth and lasting transformation.

Through this KLP process, my clients are able to overcome any self limiting obstacle that may be holding them back from living their best life.

If this is something you feel you would like to know more about, or you are looking to start your journey to self empowerment. I am here for you. Let's do this!

love Lara

Lara Light

All rights reserved Lara Light Evans 2002 - 2023

Lara Light

Light sessions, QEC Coaching sessions,

Practitioner training courses & spiritual mentorship

+27 74 164 0025






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