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The beneficial use of light projections on the human body as an alternative way of treating diseases with certain conditions and symptoms has been part of our history for millennia. From the Ancient Egyptians to the Ancient Greeks, they all knew that the sun’s light could bring us health and well-being. Over time, colour therapy pioneers have studied the scientific and metaphysical uses of photons or light particles that form part of our visible electromagnetic wave spectrum of light. To date, there has been an endless amount of information continually being added to the benefical list of using  light and colour as a therapy to promote wellness.

In 2002, I had already developed this unique way of applying colour frequencies to the body through a handmade projector. A system that uses the science of reflective symmetry, better known as a “kaleidoscope,” as its basis The idea was to combine the use of the kaleidoscope mirror as a focused beam of light energy with specific colour and crystal combinations that are beneficial to the human body, both of which resonate much like sound through a tuning fork. Crystals are composed of the same silica base as the human body, so it makes sense to use them together. In this gentle, supportive, and subtle healing device, you will feel a distinct sensation and connect with your Divine Self.

I am a vibrational practitioner. With over 20 years of experience, you get an effortless experience and all the healing during each session. I use light, colour, food, and sound as vibrational medicine to help you restore balance in your mind, body, and soul.

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To get a better idea of what I offer. Remember I am projecting through crystals and gemstones. No camera I have can capture the depth and intensity of this experience. It is best experience in person.


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